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EZ Attic Solutions Offers the Best Solar Attic Fans and Attic Ventilation on the Market Today with the Best Warranty.

If your attic is unbearably hot in the summer, your passive attic ventilation isn’t enough to vent all the hot air outside. Allowing your attic to stay this hot can make your air conditioning unit work overtime and leave you with extremely high energy bills.  Attic fans will help by increasing the airflow through your attic.

EZ Attic Solutions Solar Attic Fans Pull Hot Air Out of the Attic, Lowering Your Attic Temperatures and Your Energy Bills

Why Choose Solar Attic Fans Over Electric? 


  • Solar attic fans run on the sun. So when it's hottest, your solar fan will be cooling your attic.

  • Electric attic fans can cost $200 or more a year. Solar fans cost $0 to operate

  • You will receive a 30% federal tax credit when you purchase a solar attic fan.

  • Because solar attic fans run using clean energy from the sun they do not use fossil fuels. 

  • Solar attic fans require zero maintenance.

  • Solar fans are virtually silent & keep your attic cool and dry, prolonging the life of your roof.

  • Solar fans keep interior living spaces comfortable and save you money on energy bills.

Why EZ Attic Solutions Solar Attic Fans?

  • Our solar fans remove large amounts of hot air from your attic, saving you money

  • Our solar attic fans cool your attic temperatures by up to 50 degrees

  • Our solar fans deliver exceptional airflow performance

  • Our fans include a thermostat that turns the fans on when attic temps reach 85 degrees

  • Our fans also include a humidity sensor that turns the fan on when humidity reaches 75%

  • Your HVAC system will run less

  • Your home will be more comfortable

  • Lifetime Warranty Included

Start Saving Energy and Money Today with a Solar Attic Fan From EZ Attic Solutions!

Proper Air Inlet Is Key To Making Your Attic Efficient 

EZ Attic Solutions Offers Soffit/Gable Vent Installation.

Before installing solar fans, lets check on the status of your soffit vents. If soffit venting isn't an option, maybe gable venting is. It's all about proper air exchanges; pulling in that cool fresh outside air, and pushing out the stale hot attic air. Did you know, often soffit vent plates are installed without cutting a proper hole? Call us to inspect wether your vents are functioning properly.

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Start Saving Energy and Money Today with a Solar Attic Fan From EZ Attic Solutions!

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